Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MaricopaCon Game Preparation II: Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green - Lover in the Ice

Preparation for the second convention scenario, Delta Green - Lover in the Ice is complete.

Lover in the Ice, much like Danger Roadwork Ahead, began its life as an RPPR Actual Play.  It was created to run originally as a Delta Green game by Caleb Stokes.  He then turned around and offered it (with the Delta Green portion scrubbed off, due to licensing issues) systemless as part of the No Security Kickstarter.

In any case, I wouldn't consider running it in anything other than Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green, so I've converted it back to Delta Green.  The antagonist is the same as in Danger Roadwork Ahead, so that was already complete.  The remaining job is just to stat up the Player Characters, and the few NPCs specific to this scenario.  That part is done.

We'll see how it runs in playtest.

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