Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Useful, Non-Fantasy Flight Games Books for Star Wars Gaming Goodness

I've been busy with con prep the last couple of weeks, but felt that I could be helpful by offering some non FFG resources I still use for Star Wars game prep.

If you don't have these, go find them and buy them:

The Star Wars Atlas. Not an RPG supplement, but a LucasBooks offering. The best job of making sense of the myriad planets of the EU and their proximity to each other ever.

d20 Star Wars (WOTC-Out of Print-RCR): Galactic Campaign Guide:
Yeah, it's dated. Yeah, the statblocks are for a version of the game that stopped being supported during the Bush years. But the combination of floorplans, plot hooks, game ideas, and best of all, random name generators for about two dozen species (including all 7 in Edge of the Empire), I've been using this book non-stop since I bought it.

The New Star Wars Essential Chronology (Lucasbooks). Yeah, it's a few years old, and could do with an update, but its great for a concise treatment of the EU, and oh, yeah, has provided me with seeds for a good dozen scenarios over the years.

d20 Star Wars (WOTC-Out of Print-RCR): Coruscant and the Core Worlds. Yeah, it's dated. But it has great writeups of locales, NPCs, and adventure seeds on a couple of dozen important worlds in the Galactic core...all very easy to convert to Edge of the Empire (and the system info is basically unchanged).

d20 Star Wars (WOTC-Out of Print-RCR): Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds. Does for the Outer Rim what Coruscant and the Core Worlds did for the central part of the galaxy.

d20 Star Wars (WOTC-Out of Print-RCR): Ultimate Alien Anthology. Let's face it. If Edge of the Empire has a weakness, it's the lack of playable species. While this book is a few years old, and statted for d20, converting races from d20 to Edge is simple as can be. Together with the Unofficial Alien Supplement on the GSA's website, this should give you all the alien races you could ever want, and more.