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Star Wars Saga Edition, Anakin Takes A Bullet, Episode IV, Session 1 Writeup

The Story So Far...

System: Star Wars Saga Edition (modified d20)
Campaign: Anakin Takes a Bullet
Episode IV, The Great Unravelling
Session 1
Date Played: July 22, 2012
Date in Star Wars Timeline: Day 1, 977 RRE (Ruusan Reformation Era, 977 years after the reformation of the Republic subsequent to the Battle of Ruusan, which ended the last of the Sith Wars) or 23 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin)

The Great Unravelling represents something of an experiment for me as a GM.  At the end of Episode III, Betrayal On Kitos V, Kizme Naberre, a Naboo noblewoman, played by my wife, ran for and was elected to the Senate.  The other two characters, Draglo Fis, who is basically Han Solo if Han had been a Dug instead of human, and particularly Catherine Starkiller, a Miraluka Jedi Knight, didn't exactly seem to be great candidates as Senate aides, and so the original group of three characters has split in two.

The first group, centered around the Senator, consists of a Selkath Scout, Shako and a Gand Scoundrel, Fluulehn, along with the Senator.  The second group, centered around Draglo Fis and Catherine Starkiller (a Jedi and a Pilot/Fixer character), is rounded out by my wife's 1st Level Jedi, a padawan.  It was the first group that was the focus of the first session, and this first group is who the remainder of this writeup will be about.

Play began on Coruscant.  After briefly handing an assignment to the Jedi Group that shall be a object of future sessions, we dealt with business in the office of newly sworn in Senator Kizme Naberre, who had barely been sworn in before she dealt with another job applicant, and a bribery attempt.

The latter became a primary focus of the rest of the session, as the group began to investigate the mysterious woman who made the bribery attempt, hoping to find out more about who was behind it.

So far, they've got a voice sample, which is being run through security databases, and some holovid footage of the perpetrator on the way in and out of the building (she used a scrambling device to muddle up security holovid cameras inside the Senator's office, but failed to engage them outside the building).

In the next session, we'll see what they do with that.

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